Start Where you are.

"Holistic" Fitness!

ho lis' tic ; adj... " a part is understandable only in it's relationship to the whole"
fit' nes; n..."Good health or physical condition, especially as the result of diet and exercise".

You need not be flexible to do Yoga... it will help you gain much needed flexibility!

Yoga is an excellent path back to fitness.

Twice a week (or more!) will produce many benefits

Yoga breathing techniques are useful in other workouts, and in Life to calm and energize!

"Many Doctors now prescribe Yoga for patients suffering from heart disease, arthritis, diabetes. Imagine what it can do for people whose main complaint is stress headaches!"
-US News and World Reports 1997

Call, or email to pre- register....

It's true that Stress-related injuries and conditions are increasing every day. At first glance it may not seem as though you will have time for a Yoga practice, but in reality, you can't afford not to. A one hour class once or twice a week will make you stronger mentally and physically to cope with an ever changing and demanding schedule. Yoga will change your perspective, and remind you to enjoy life.

Wear loose comfortable clothing. (You may want to stay away from hoods or very baggy shirts.) Most students wear Yoga pants and a T-shirt.

Please bring a blanket, and a Yoga mat.

Let your instructor know if you are new to Yoga. And relax.... You are on your way to optimum health with your new regular Yoga practice!


Want more information on changing your life?

Call: 860 - 763 - 5369,   or  394 - 8135,

email Diana @ 

(email is preferred)

or just show up for a class. (See schedule page)

Eat lightly prior to class.

There is a rest room available for a change of clothes if you are coming from work

Bring a Yoga mat.

We work in our bare feet, no sneakers required.

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