Kripalu style Yoga for everybody!

Please be mindful of others. Prior to the start of class, some students need quiet time to unwind and transition, and wish to sit in silence. Others appreciate the fellowship and connection this Yogic community offers, and want to chat. Please keep voices low, and we can all get what we need.

...... excellent for beginners, as well as those who have practiced Yoga before. If you have any questions that are NOT answered by the following info, email me from the link below. You can also call if necessary: 860 763 5369


Thursday 10 a.m at Second baptist church in Suffield. contact Diana to sign up!


 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in.... 


contact Diana for sign up!

6:00pm (Tues and Thurs)

10:00am (Sat)

Rec Dept auditorium (Kibbe Fuller)

{corner of Battle and Main streets.}

 10 week series, $80.

QUESTIONS?? contact me now....


Please email Diana with your questions.
Call us at 860 - 763 - 5369

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