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Diana Gunther's yoga classes!

***No class 9/17/16

Due to the road being closed for the parade! walk-ins at any locations listed below. Students must sign up for a session. We have kept prices reasonable to allow for a couple missed classes. 

Regular Yoga practice.
 * Strength and toning
* Improved posture
* Tools for stress management
* Flexibility
* Healing of old injuries
* Increased bone density
* A more powerful immune system
* Efficient digestion and elimination
* Confidence


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Monday  Night. 6 p.m.

 Sign up at

A.C.C. ....

Click on link: schampagne@asnuntuck.


Check Asnuntuck cancellations during snowstorms. 



**** Somers Rec Department 

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00p.m.


sorry.... Tuesday and Thursday are full for Fall 2016 session.



Saturdays at 10:00a.m.

**no class 9/17/16

There is room in this class if you'd like to join us! 





Thursday 10 a.m. Suffield 

At the Second Baptist Church

(All are welcome!)

(space available)


There is also an afternoon class in enfield on Thursdays. Please contact for more info, if interested.





Diana Gunther, certified Kripalu Yoga teacher. .



(link below)

Yoga Benefits and info: Yoga directly addresses tension in both the body and the mind. Whatever your skill level or abilities, come find out how good you can feel!

  Each student works at his/her own pace. Often many of the benefits are obvious during and after your very first class!

   A certified instructor is trained to give clear, step by step instructions. Postures are also demonstrated, and modifications often suggested. You are encouraged to "listen" to your own body and proceed at an appropriate pace for you.

  Slow, deep breath will keep you energized and calm as you gently challenge your body at it's own level. Concentration on the breath and the details of the posture keep your mind focused. This attention to your practice will release the chaotic thoughts and worries of the mind.

  Yoga is a safe method of achieving optimal physical fitness and health. Muscles are simultaneously stretched and strengthened, resulting in a longer leaner appearance. Joints become mobile and well lubricated with no risk of impact-related injury.

   It's a fast paced world, and Yoga offers us a rare opportunity to slow down and re-connect. We are rewarded with increased body/mind awareness. Forgotten priorities are revealed. We become satisfied and rejuvenated, and better equipped to tend to our responsibilities.

  Stress will no longer consume our precious energy! Small details of our everyday life are noticed and enjoyed. A consistant Yoga practice will impact your mind and body in many positive ways. This ancient practice is a system of complete health. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE ON RECENT STUDY OF YOGA FOR BACK CARE (email)  Diana Gunther

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  • do Yoga,
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